Certified Body Language and Lie Detection Course

An unique chance to spend your summer in Georgia, travel, learn and advance your career!

GOLDEN SEAL Certification

 Price: 999$

 Start Date: 02 Aug 2021

 Duration: 1 Week

 Days: Every Day (Full Week)

 Hours: Full day with breaks and team

 Location: Georgia, Kakheti, Chateau Khashmi



With more than 11 years of training law-enforcement, military, biggest corporations and students the Caucasus Academy of Security Experts is the market-leading organization who offer an unbeatable training programs with international certification.

Why should I take a Body Language and Lie Detection Course from CASE?

Have you ever been unsure whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is telling the truth? Or whether your boss is trying to be deceiving? Well, this course will let you answer the questions. Our course will let you be on top in any argument or social situation as we will give you the skills to analyze everyone in the room and find their real intentions.

We will share with you our extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years in the industry. By the end of our course, you will leave with an incredibly valuable skill which you can use throughout all walks of life.

There are many approaches to training lie detection, starting from theory, ending with several practical methods, but what you are witnessing here is what's proven with thousands of students and what's working all the time.

We will get rid of classic, by the book way of training, bunch of theories and studies, instead I will share with you some of the hard-core stuff from domains such as intelligence and other security disciplines. I come from the security field, where professionals are trained in skills like interrogation, communication, leadership, human manipulation, lie detection and many other fancy tools, that with the right approach very well could be applied to civilian training as well. For this course, I took some unclassified, yet very efficient uses that will boost your career and personal life. We will go through psychological tips and tricks of human manipulation, I will break down the code of human deception and on top of that I will share my extensive experience which I gathered not only as a security professional, but also as an instructor who trained thousands of students, conducting corporate investigations and interviewing hundreds of people.

They don't teach you that in school, you can't read that in the books. But you will learn this here, and at the end of this training, you will thank yourself for taking this course.

For more, you can check out our "Preview" videos at any time.

Training Modules:

  • Body language
  • Micro expressions
  • Polygraph sessions
  • Lie Detection
  • Self-branding
  • Successful negotiations
  • Public Speaking

Additional activities:

Tour in historic part of Georgia, wine tasting, networking, team building sessions and of course at the end there will be a tough interrogation session.

Training Details:

Training will be held at a beautiful chateau hotel in the historic part of Georgia.

Our team will meet you in Tbilisi when you arrive and transfer you to this amazing place.

Accommodation, amazing cuisine will be provided to you at no additional cost.

You only pay for the transportation and training fee to get yourself enrolled at this unique training, where you can enjoy the terrific environment, top-notch training, have a great networking and spend your summer like never before.

Lasha Pataraia

Author and instructor

Lie Detection & Counter-Intelligence Expert, Author, Public Speaker, Award Winning Instructor and Entrepreneur. With more than 11 years of experience teaching law enforcement, military, corporations, diplomats and students. Founder and director of first cyber security and intelligence oriented institution in the Caucasus region - Caucasus Academy of Security Experts. Member of Cyber Security forum initiative US. Currently he is also an instructor in cyber security disciplines at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice training centers (DTC, TCJ). Along with several security positions, he was also working in Israeli’s company as a sub-contractor of Ministry of Defense of Georgia, where he was the security analyst. In 2010 he founded The Caucasus Academy of Security Experts - CASE which is the first and only think tank providing interdisciplinary program of intelligence, antiterrorism and cyber security. See more...



With more than 11 years of experience teaching law-enforcement, military, biggest corporations, and students CASE is the best place to advance your career or plant yourself into a new one. This training will be an unbelievable experience for you.


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